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Dropped Bladder Symptoms

Cystocele, which is the medical term for dropped bladder, can cause from a few symptoms to a rather long list of symptoms’ that can make an woman’s life just short of miserable. Dropped bladder symptoms can be so minute that at first one would hardly notice that anything is wrong. As the condition persists, symptoms become more noticeable. The key is to contact your physician immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

Mild dropped bladder symptoms may manifest themselves simply as feeling the need to urinate more frequently. The flow of urine may seem to be diminished due to the fact that you are unable to completely empty your bladder of urine. It can be a nuisance, but nothing that cannot be tolerated. Often the problem gets worse because people don’t seek medical attention when the symptoms first appear because they are mild.

Dropped bladder symptoms usually then progress to a stage II level. At this point a woman may begin noticing that she is experiencing leakage. At first it would be accompanied by cough or a sneeze, or possibly by lifting a heavy object. Thos would be referred to as stress incontinence. After a period of time, the leakage just begins occurring at unanticipated times and it becomes necessary to wear some type of incontinence pad to stop the urine from leaking through onto clothing.

It is often during this time frame that women find themselves becoming less comfortable with what is happening to their bodies, and caught unaware, they are embarrassed and ill at ease. These events are the ones that will often send a woman off to her doctor to see what can be done. After an examination the doctor will put the woman on a treatment regime so that the woman can feel some sort of relief from the dropped bladder symptoms.

With dropped bladder symptoms, an urologist or gynecologist would be your options of choice. The exams performed by these specialists will determine if you do have dropped bladder or some other cause for your symptoms. If the weakness in the wall separating the vagina from the bladder is serious enough, the doctor will feel the bulge of the bladder protruding into the vagina. If your symptoms have progressed to the final stage, the bladder will be able to be seen in the vagina.

Urinary tract infections are also seen from dropped bladder symptom. Due to the fact that the bladder is unable to adequately empty itself, it is a prime target for the growth of bacteria. If this bacteria were left unchecked, it could cause further problems possibly even involving the kidneys.

Although there is not much that can be done for early stage dropped bladder symptoms, end stage symptoms should not be ignored. You and your doctor are the best candidates to decide on your course of treatment.